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Who are Central Community College Alumni?

At CCC, we celebrate every step of your educational journey, whether you've completed a class for a degree, diploma, or certificate, or simply for personal or professional growth. You are a valued CCC alum.

As part of our Central Community College alumni network, you're contributing positively to the communities we serve, particularly here in Nebraska, where most of our graduates choose to stay. Your impact is substantial!

Being an alum signifies that you've achieved a significant goal, and your success is undeniable. Obtaining a degree, diploma, or certificate equips you with valuable skills that set you apart in the workforce, demonstrates your commitment to achieving goals, and empowers you with the knowledge needed for success.

Now that you possess these skills, what's your next move? Whether you opt to continue your education at a university or dive straight into the workforce, you're poised to make a difference in your community while shaping your own future.

If you graduated some time ago, you've likely accumulated numerous achievements in your work and personal life. Do you share your experiences with others? Do you advocate for higher education and its transformative power? Being an alum means sharing your student journey, which can inspire others in unexpected ways, perhaps motivating them to enroll in a class.

This is the essence of being a successful Central Community College alum, making a lasting impact and inspiring others through your educational journey.

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