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Central Community College Food and Hygiene Pantry: Supporting Student Well-being

At Central Community College (CCC), we recognize that students often face financial challenges that can impact their ability to access basic necessities. As part of our commitment to fostering a supportive and inclusive learning environment, CCC operates four Food and Hygiene Pantries that are open to all students, free of charge, and completely anonymous. Our pantry program is designed to provide vital resources to students who are experiencing economic hardship, as evidenced by the fact that an average of 67 percent of CCC financial aid applicants currently enrolled report household incomes below the U.S. Health and Human Services Department's poverty guidelines.

Free and Anonymous Access: CCC's Food and Hygiene Pantry is a judgment-free, confidential resource for our students. We understand that seeking assistance can be challenging, which is why we ensure that students can access the pantry without fear of stigmatization or embarrassment.

Critical Support for Basic Needs: Our pantry is stocked with essential food items, personal hygiene products, and other necessities that can help students meet their basic needs. We believe that access to nutritious food and hygiene items is fundamental to a student's well-being and academic success.

Multiple Locations: With four pantry locations spread across our campuses, we aim to make access as convenient as possible for our students. These locations are strategically chosen to ensure accessibility to all CCC students.

Community Support: The CCC Food and Hygiene Pantry relies on the support and donations from both the college community and external partners. We welcome contributions from individuals, businesses, and organizations who wish to help us maintain this vital resource.

For many CCC students, the Food and Hygiene Pantry serves as a lifeline. It enables them to focus on their education without the added stress of food insecurity and the cost of personal care items. By addressing these essential needs, we help create a more equitable learning environment where every student has the opportunity to succeed.

We are committed to supporting our students and ensuring that their financial circumstances do not hinder their academic journey. CCC's Food and Hygiene Pantry is a tangible expression of this commitment, and we encourage all students in need to take advantage of this valuable resource. Together, we can build a stronger and more supportive educational community where every student has the chance to thrive.

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