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Encouraging Play Amongst All

Our community is diverse. We should have a place for everyone to come together, interact and play. The Ryder Park Inclusive Playground Project offers a multigenerational, inclusive play destination that encourages play for everyone. Inclusive playgrounds provide opportunities for varying skill levels and challenges for individuals coming to play, while encouraging play amongst all. This innovative project was the concept of students attending Central Community College in the Occupational Therapy Assistant program. Their passion drove the inclusive design and led to approval from a group of community leaders and the Grand Island City Council.

  • Inclusive Play - Designed to minimalize physical and social barriers to play, a variety of opportunities will be present to play and explore with peers, neighbors, and family regardless of background or ability.
  • Challenging and Engaging Play Structure - Fun, creative playground equipment that fosters learning at various levels through cooperative and imaginative play.
  • Enhanced Experiences - Provides opportunities for children of all abilities to experience sensory-rich play through tactile, auditory, visual, quiet, and physical activities.
  • Community Interaction - Centrally located in Grand Island's Ryder Park making it an easy destination for individuals of all backgrounds and abilities to make new friends, take turns, interact with others, and build new relationships.